Saturday, 18 December 2010

Yindee's search for Nirvana on Samui ...

Yindee (Noi) and Varinda (Oil) at work.
Somewhat surprisingly, and to my delight, I find myself talking motorbikes with Yindee (Noi), who worked for UNESCO for 14 years. She's an avid collector, and eagerly discusses a Ducati currently for sale, and a Harley she's interested in.

In her tie-dyed tee, sarong, and wildly coloured bandanna, you immediately realise she's a rather free spirited individual. Noi sees herself as a hippie and dresses like this everyday ... even when on corporate roadshows promoting Varinda Resort (

"It is very humble but this is our house and your home too," says Noi of their popular backpacker resort.

Family is a recurring theme with the artistic Noi. She's a painter, and so's her niece Oil (her sister Chanida's daughter), hence the primary-coloured splashes on every surface in, on and around the main buildings and the villas.

From the poolside sala overlooking the emerald waters of Lamai Bay, nirvana seems somewhere just over the horizon.

"Samui is great because there's no low season," she says with those eyes sparkling again, laughing. "Great, isn't it? Amazing! You can go to Bali and the beaches are great, too, but in Thailand ... it's the people," she says, touching her heart. "Next time come, and we'll go crazy, have a BBQ ..."

Yindee's Top 5 on Samui and around Surat Thani: 

"I am a simple person. I hope this also you are interesting ..."

1/ Motorcycle to top of mountain behind Lamai: "Go Moto-cross or just ride the road to the top. From there you can watch the ocean away from the tourist places." 

2/ Motorcycle around the dam in Surat Thani.

3/ Visit fruit farm: "Here they grow durian, mangosteen, rambutan, longan and jackfruit."

4/ See dolphins at Khanom Beach: "This is close to Donsak Pier so you can get there by ferry."

5/ Meditation: "Make meditation for relaxed mind, and follow the leader by monk."

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