Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Khuned's chaos and opportunities ...

A lot of people get confused by Khuned Sachdev's name. Most assume it's Khun Ed, with the Thai prefix Khun. But either way this 3rd generation Thai-Indian is right at home in Thailand. His grandparents came here for "commercial exploration" opportunities and stayed, his family getting successfully involved in manufacturing and venture partnerships.

After graduating from the International School in Bangkok, the rather cheeky schoolboy headed off to study in the US. "Political science," he says. "But I got back in 1996 and I was a computer user and Internet 1.0 showed potential so I went on serial venture partnerships riding the internet wave, which was all the things needed for Internet 2.0," he says with a touch of satisfaction. Right time, right place.

What he likes about Bangkok is its craziness. "Well, chaos more than craziness perhaps. Bangkok is equal opportunity chaos! But that's a good thing because innovation and opportunities arise from chaos."

Khuned moved to Chiang Mai six years ago, investing in riverside land on the Ping River and developing the charming Butterfly Resort ( nestled on the river, among other things.

"I enjoy the quality of life here. Chiang Mai is more fluid, less chaotic."

Khuned's Eclectic Top 5 Thailand Travel Tips:

"Ok, let's get eclectic here ..."

1/ The Nest, Chiang Dao ( "For lamb shanks and amazing creme brulee, really."

The Salween River is the Thai/Burma border.
2/ Salween River, Mae Sariang: "The world's longest natural 'undammed' flowing river. It starts in China, into Burma, and gets lost in the Irrawaddy Delta I think." Actually 2815 km long from Tibet to the Andaman Sea.

3/ Fang, Chiang Mai province: "For me, represents the rustic border hill-town. There's a lot of trade there, probably through the porous border."

4/ Khon Kaen, Isaan ( "It's the capital of Isaan, known only for rice farmers. But this is urban Isaan, like the Fang of Isaan. Khao Neaw Street is like Khao San Rd, full of pubs."

5/ Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai province: "It's historical, since 1291, temples and ruins, plus you have the mighty Mekong River."

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