Thursday, 6 January 2011

Korawee's jet-setting style; near and far.

Korawee gets in the swing of things at Koh Chang.
Travel is never far from the top of Korawee Sapmanee's mind.  Apart from having lived "a few years" in the United States, the Bangkok lass has already visited 25 countries. It's her major hobby.

"I looove travelling, and my next travel agenda is Nepal," the communications manager for ONYX Hospitality Group ( says.

However, her heart still belongs to her hometown. "Bangkok is a fun city to be in. It has a perfect combination of the modern world and the traditional Thai stuff. It is also one of the cheapest cities to live in. Where else in the world can you find massages that cost $2 an hour, clothes that costs $3 or food that cost less than a dollar!" Excellent point.

Korawee's Top 5 Thailand travel tips:

1/ Museum of Siam, Bangkok: ( "Usually, museums in Thailand are quite old and boring, but this place is totally different! It is very innovative and technology-driven. You will have fun learning the history of Thailand. Everything is developed to be multimedia-based and very interactive. It really is a fun way to learn about our heritage and the content, I think, is interesting for both the locals and foreigners."

2/ Amari Residences Bangkok: ( "I love going to Amari Residences Bangkok especially during the weekends. It is located in a quiet soi in the heart of Bangkok, near Bangkok Hospital. You will get a warm and inviting vibe the moment you step in the property. There is a really cute café on the ground floor called Café de Buttercup that I think is a perfect place to relax and enjoy your afternoon tea. I can spend a whole afternoon there just reading a book and drinking a cup of coffee. The whole property is very cute, peaceful, and serene, a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of Bangkok"

3/ Koh Chang: "Koh Chang is only about 4-5 hours drive from Bangkok. I usually visit the island about once or twice a year. The food there is amazing.  I just like the atmosphere of the island as it is not very touristy. It’s great to just hang out on the beach, rent a boat and go scuba diving, and just chill out at a nice bar at night. There is a beautiful waterfall and the beaches are very nice and clean too."

4/ Mantra restaurant, Pattaya: "If you’re looking for a sleek and stylish place to have dinner with friends, I think Mantra restaurant at Amari Orchid Pattaya is the perfect place. It offers food from 7 different cooking stations including Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, gourmet seafood, the Mediterranean, or Western cuisine. If you are a wine connoisseur, you will also enjoy the  walk-in glass wine cellar which houses a collection of top vintages and rare labels from more than 160 brands across four continents."

5/ Koh Sichang:  "My friends and I love to travel and we try to get out of the city every once in a while. However, with our busy schedule, we are limited to travel to places that are a few hours' drive from Bangkok. Koh Sichang is one of our favourite places. It is a beautiful island where you can find local fishing village and enjoy fresh seafood. Apart from the many temples and caves, there is a gorgeous summer palace of King Rama V, and so many cute resorts! It’s a perfect hideaway for me and my friends to truly relax and be with nature."

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