Saturday, 18 December 2010

Chomchada's beautiful but vicious relationship ...

Chomchada and her bestie chiiling at a cafe ...
"She is like a beautiful vicious lady whom I fall so much in love with. Sometimes she can be a sweetheart while in some random hot days, she can be morally wicked. And the strange thing is, I just can’t stop loving the vile side of her, I just fail."

So says marketing manager Chomchada. But who could she possibly be talking about? Actually, Bangkok, her hometown.

"I was born in Bangkok. Grew up in Bangkok. Bangkok all the way. Been to almost every corner of Bangkok. Bangkok's chaos is a true charm. We are crowded, polluted, our traffic is hell to mankind but what Bangkok keeps behind is a loving peace of mind like clouds hid the moon," she continues poetically.

And it's no wonder the 30-something senior marketing manager waxes so lyrical -- she's a real bookworm at heart. "I read a lot. Mostly about designs, lifestyle, hotels, and brand identity. I spend a lot of time in a bookstore, sometimes just to flip through the beautiful books and I'm happy already."

She's heavily involved in branding with her job with Aquarius Estate (  which offers a range of property services to investors.

"If I were not a marketer like today, the next career I would choose would be a professional globe trotter," she says with a wistful smile. "I love traveling."

So what's her favourite part of Thailand? "I love the south. Thailand’s beaches in the south are one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I love an open freedom the blue ocean gives you. During the right season, the water will become very clear; the skies will be bright and blue. You can hardly distinguish the line where the skies and the ocean meet."

Chomchada's also a keen scuba-diver. "So once or twice a year, I would find time to jump on a boat, turn off my phone, leave the shore and live aboard in a diving boat for a few days. My favourite time of the year!"

Chomchada's Top 5 Thailand travel tips:

1/ ShaSa Resort & Residences, Koh Samui: "I work there. Every time I go there, I would sit outside at the big balcony and work. Perfect space with great views."

2/ Baan Ekamai, Ekamai 21, Bangkok: "This new complex in Ekamai area attracts their fans with a 'House' concept. There're 3 clothing, 1 furniture, 1 record shops and 1 cafe in one house. Very hip." 

3/ Cabin Creek, Chantaburi: "This lovely home stay is located in a very rich environment of Chantaburi. The lovely owner of this homestay would cook you a super delicious meal everyday plus tropical fruits fresh from the home garden."   

4/ Sampeng, Bangkok: "I feel adventurous strolling down Sampeng and the area around. This huge wholesale market sells everything you need for your home decorating, clothing, gifts, stationery, EVERYTHING!" 

5/ River Resort & Spa, Srakaew: "I love the homey, cozy, close-to-nature atmosphere of this resort. Well, my friend owns this place, so it's like an only 2-hour-drive safe house for me when things in Bangkok get out of hand. Plus a shopping therapy at the border market (Talad Rong Klue)."

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