Thursday, 16 December 2010

Bhuritt: Great Southern Land ...

Bhuritt -- with his two daughters -- relax in Kanchanaburi.
You'd have to go far to find a bigger fan of southern Thailand than Khun Bhuritt Maswongssa. 

He was born and raised in Yala province (deep south near Malaysian border) and has fond memories of being a schoolboy at Khanarasadornbamrung Secondary School.

"I love the southern part of Thailand as I think that we have more peaceful here specially in Phuket," says the 49-year-old hotelier who's been living on that island now for 20 years, after a stint in Bangkok. "I love the foods and way of life here in the south. People still count you as a cousin where ever you go and you have to pay the respect to them, too. Then you will get back ten times more than you have given."

Respect is a word the gentle family man uses a lot. When not flat-out running the large Patong Resort ( he loves to cook -- or more accurately says he's "interested" in cooking -- and loves to slip away for a game of golf.

Phuket, being in the south too, has found its way into his heart. "Surrounded by the Andaman Sea, most people call Phuket the 'Pearl of the Andaman'. Phuket has many activities to offer such as jungle adventure, marine activity, beach resort, health care, all kind of sports, shopping and dining, etc. Life on the island is very easy move and you will fall into that part if you were to stay longer than one year." So, after 2 decades he's really fallen into it!
"People from all over the world dream of coming to Phuket at least once in there life but I am living here," he says enthusiastically.

The best of Khun Bhuritt's Thailand:
1/    Bangkok: "As an ancient city, and the Royal Palace of the great king Bhumibhol of Thailand that the world pays respect to him here."

2/    Phuket: "As I mentioned before, it's a world-class tourist destination."

3/    Thai food: "Our recipes have become world famous, especially if you eat Thai foods with Thai jasmine rice. The most favorite place for my family and friends is Kan Eang 2 restaurant. The reason being that the staff are friendly, good location, variety of food and seafoods ... and most important things are easy parking and reasonable price."
4/    Thai culture and fine arts: "Represent one of the most beautiful arts in the world." 

5/    Thai way of life: "Filled with respect, forgiveness, smiling faces, and lend a hand for helping each other. I believe this still exists inside most of Thais' hearts."

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